Fundraising Article

Take the APROP pet challenge!

The big question…who does your dog or cat love most?

In your heart you know it’s you, but are you brave enough to put it to the test and make the result public?

Take the APROP pet challenge and raise money for APROP. 

Stand with your pet and then both run in opposite directions at the same time.  See who your pet follows.  If nothing else, it’s good fun for you and your furry friends.

Post your video on the APROP Pet Challenge group in Facebook

Make a donation to APROP (whatever amount you feel is appropriate), either via the donate button on the APROP Facebook or Instagram groups or by clicking the button below. Maybe whoever loses should pay – or maybe you will want to donate to celebrate your victory? All money donated will be used for the benefit of the dogs and cats of APROP.

Share this with your friends and challenge them too.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your videos.

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