Voluntarii câinilor necesari pentru curățenie, hrănire și îngrijire

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We are looking for people who would like to spend 3-4 hours in the mornings (and afternoons too) to look after the residents at APROP. Being a volunteer working with the dogs is the best part of supporting APROP, this is time you get to spend with the ones that matter and that give you so much love, the dogs!

A typical morning shift would cover; letting the dogs out into the play areas, cleaning their rooms, replenishing their water, organising the dog walkers to exercise them, then on their return giving them their breakfast and their medications if they need any. We also spend time on activities such as socialising the dogs with each other, grooming the dogs and cuddling them too!

There are also regular duties such as washing up the dishes (yes, sorry, can’t get out of that one), general tidying up and making sure everything is in its place for the next shift. We always make sure we have two people on each shift, so you would never be alone.

Without volunteers, we cannot run the shelter … if you are interested in finding out more please contact us!


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Ruth Martin

Fac voluntariat la APROP din aprilie 2018. În mod normal mă veți găsi acolo marți dimineață, ajutând la îngrijirea, curățarea și hrănirea câinilor. În 2019 l-am adoptat pe Barney, un Podenco de la APROP. De fapt, mi-a plăcut în mod deosebit Podencos și unii mă numesc Pod-Mamă! De asemenea, fac parte din echipa de adopții, echipa de strângere de fonduri și ajut și prin câinii de asistență. Ajutorul animalelor îmi aduce multă bucurie și fericire în viața mea.

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5 months ago

Do you still need people for today? And if so, from what time and for how long? Just to get an idea. Maybe I can go this afternoon but I don’t know if I can go regularly, I don’t have much time and I already collaborate in my town’s protectora on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Natasha Cooper(@natashacooper)
5 months ago
Reply to  Carlos

Hola Carlos, sorry we didn’t respond earlier. The shifts are normally either am or pm. If people can’t do a regular shift then casual volunteers are welcome – the dogs would welcome a cuddle, brush or company. Also when we have puppies its good to take them out to see cars etc. Perhaps drop in when you are in the area and we can tell you more

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