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From his foster parents:

Lucky came to us 3 weeks ago after being abandoned. After a misadventure that left him in the mountains alone, he was exhausted and weak. The first days he only slept, and would not look us in the eye or interact. We could tell he was very sweet, but traumatized by the whole ordeal.

After being with us for about a week, having his wounds treated and infections managed, he started to come out of his shell. He has a wonderful character and is very graceful and polite. He absolutely loves attention, and his tail is wagging most of the time that he is not asleep. He just seems to be grateful for every single bit of love that he gets.

Another thing that makes him very happy is food. He has a little happy dance right before and after mealtimes. He does not care much for toys, and has no problems sharing things with other dogs, people, and even cats.

He is a very calm and gentle dog. He loves taking naps in the sun, but is also up for long walks, terraces, and even going to the pub. He enjoys being included, but does not need a lot of exercise and is a low maintenance dog. He can be left alone easily and will just settle. His energy level would be a 3/10, but this does not mean he is a boring dog. He actually has quite a presence in the home and will check up on you regularly, just happy to be around.

He has no behaviour problems at all. He does not resource guard, and is very respectful of the house rules. He only needs to hear something once. After having the kitchen door closed, he understood it was a barrier, and now does not try to come in, even if the door is left open. He is potty-trained and has not had any accident since coming here. He is not reactive. A child accidentally ran into him at the boulevard, and he responded very calmly and recovered fast. He barks when excited, but stops immediately when asked. He is a submissive boy, that causes no problems with others.

He loves everyone: dogs, cats, kids, and strangers. Out on walks, he loves to say hello to as many people as possible and get some scratches. He is polite and will not force himself upon anyone, but gets very happy when interacted with.

He is very curious and likes to wander around. He therefore needs an enclosed area, and I would not trust him off leash yet (but this is because of his breed, not his behaviour.) Once he got out of our garden and wandered about 50 metres into a field to explore and sniff, but immediately came back when called.

He has away of looking at you longingly and stretching deep as a way of asking for affection. Now that he realises that people are a good thing, he has become a very snuggly dog. Unlike some podenco’s, he does not mind you coming into his space, and the more skin to skin, the better. He’ll melt into you and truly is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever cared for. A dog like this deserves his very own family. He is a unique one, fit for families with young children, other animals, workers, first time dog owners, etc. He just needs someone that will let him be and give him lots of unconditional love.

Would you like to get to know Lucky? Contact us:(+34) 611 08 5024 (ES) (+34) 711 02 6224 (EN) Email:




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