Bienvenido a la web de nuestra protectora de animales Aprop en Pego, cerca Denia, Alicante. Nuestra misión es rescatar y se encontrar nuevos hogares para siempre a los gatos y perros abandonados en el área de Pego.

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  • Kittens Galore

    Kittens Galore

    Gatitos, die Kleinen, Kittens, de kleintjes APROP has many small, adorable, kittens available for adoption currently. See below for some
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  • Dog of the month

    Dog of the month

    Dog of the month: Nigel Now here is Nigel. Nigel has been with us for quite some time now. A
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  • Cat of the month

    Cat of the month

    Cat of the month: Tigressa Aww, the sight of Tigressa all curled up. Who wouldn´t want a homely slight like
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    Golden Oldies 6 Reasons for adopting a senior dog. 1. Behaviour issues and medical history are known Puppies are lovely,
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  • New Arrivals

    New Arrivals

    Find below the latest entries in the APROP dog shelter. Just click on the images to find more information.
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  • Puppies


    Pups, Puppies, Cachoros, Welpen Just as we had the good news that all 5 of our bin puppies have found
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