Welcome to the APROP animal shelter in Pego, near Denia, Alicante. Our mission is to rescue and re-home abandoned cats and dogs in the Pego area

Happily Adopted, Glücklich Vermittelt, Geadopteerd, Adoptado


Emma and Francesca adopted

Boby, our happy go lucky podenco pupwas adopted by his foster family in Javea.

May 2019.

Blanquet, now Paco, was adopted by his foster family in Javea. He so deserves his forever home.

April 2019.

Boris was adopted  and here he is starting his new life in Moraira.

April 2019

Our lovely kittens, Emma and Francesca, are now officially adopted, together!

April 2019.

Blinky, now called Bonnie, our favourite girl, she is now living her dream life with her family in Javea.

April 2019.

 Our baby Mizmo has got the best first birthday present ever. Her new family and a home. Happy birthday Mizmo have a lovely life. Pego, April 2019

 Silver, our very handsome boy spent many of his days in the shelter, but now is is adopted, together with his friend Oliver,

March 2019.

 Our Eric, now Barney, is the sweetest possible podenco. His foster family fell in love, and now he is a forever part of the family.  

Zeus, the last of our musketeers, adopted in October 2018 by his favourite volunteer, Richard..


Lupo, our invisible boy, 3 years in the shelter, noone knows why. He is now happy in his forever home!

April 2019

Oliver, everybody´s favourite spent many of his days at APROP, but now is is adopted, together with his friend Silver, March 2019. We don´t know much about Pipa´s history, she spent some months in the shelter, but she had problems adapting to this life. Now she found her forever family in Holland! March 2019. Alice came to Aprop with her 5 siblings, 6 months old. She has the silkiest coat ever and a playful, beautiful nature. She was adopted March 2019. Lula was rescued from the streets of Pego. Her sweet nature got her to be almost  immediately adopted by her now forever family in Wales.  

Bella was found as a small kitten and has lived in the shelter for nearly three years. She now found a new wonderful home in Pego, feb 2019.

Albi, craving for human company, found his forever family in February 2019. Trasto, now Elvis, adopted in January 2019, now happy living in Austria. Reina was adopted in January 2019 after having lived for 3 years in the shelter. She is now enjoying family life in Spain.


Larry, who was found in a shoe box with his brother Harry, is now living happily with his new family in Valencia. These guys are Oliver and Blanca (formerly Arlo and Luna), they went all the way to sunny Glasgow in Scotland in December. Nika (now Luz), our little blind kitten was homed in Malaga. Special Derek, found by the dustmen, is now homed in Pego. Sara and her 6 babies, 5 homed locally and one homed in Switzerland.
Sultan, now Sully, adopted in 2018, living the good life in England. Noe was taken into foster care during the big rains in 2018, adopted by his foster family in February 2019.