Welcome to the APROP animal shelter in Pego, near Denia, Alicante. Our mission is to rescue and re-home abandoned cats and dogs in the Pego area

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  • Bunjee, born 2017

    Bunjee, born 2017

    Bunjee Bunjee is a male of mixed breed, large, born in 2017. Bunjee is a real fun loving young boy,
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  • Nigel, born 2014

    Nigel, born 2014

    Nigel Nigel is a male Black German Shepherd, large, born in 2014. Nigel finds shelter life very difficult, as most
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  • Coco, born 2015

    Coco, born 2015

    Coco Coco is a male Bodeguero mix, small, born in 2015. Coco is some kind of dream dog. He behaves
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  • Choco, born 2014

    Choco, born 2014

    Choco Choco is a male of mixed breed, large, born in 2015. Choco is a laid back boy who prefers
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  • Yago, born 2015

    Yago, born 2015

    Yago Yago is a male Beagle mix, medium sized, born in 2015. Looking for a character dog? Here he is,
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  • Rubio, born 2013

    Rubio, born 2013

    Rubio Rubio is a male of mixed breed, small, born in 2013. Rubio is APROP´s special needs doggy. Small and
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  • Golfo, born 2018

    Golfo, born 2018

    Golfo Golfo is a male Podenco, medium to large, born 2018. How handsome can you get? Golfo is a young,
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  • Koba, born June 2017

    Koba, born June 2017

    Koba Koba is a male Spanish Mastin mix, (very) large, born June 2017 Koba is a big guy, he hasn´t
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  • Angel, born 2016

    Angel, born 2016

    Angel Angel is a male Spanish Mastin, (very) large, born in 2016 Angel is only available for adoption to a
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  • Wade, born 2018

    Wade, born 2018

    Wade Wade is a male American stafford, medium sized, born in 2018. Wade is a friendly dog, young and enthousiastic,
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  • Roly


    Roly Roly is a male of mixed breeds, medium sized, born in 2017. Roly is a lovely, friendly, lively dog,
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  • Toby


    Toby Toby is a male of mixed breeds, large, born in ?. We can´t say much about him yet, as he´s
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  • Yogi


    Yogi Yogi is an American Stafford Cross, male, medium sized. born in ? Yogi is a very easy dog, loves people,
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  • Clinton


    Clinton Clinton is a male podenco/pincher mix, small to medium sized, born in 2018 Clinton is a very friendly, active
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  • Ramses


    Ramses Ramses is a male podenco mix, large, adult- Ramses is a very friendly dog, good with other dogs, he
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