The new cat shelter roof is up!

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We are delighted to report that we now have a new roof on the APROP cat shelter.  We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Sandra, the mother of two of our volunteers, who kindly volunteered to do all the work herself with the assistance of some of her colleagues.  They all worked so hard over the last few weeks, and the results are amazing.   Not only do we have a proper roof over the entire structure now, but also a porch area to shelter our feral colony – such luxury.  We are also very grateful to everyone who has donated so far to our fundraiser so that we can cover the costs of the materials used.

In preparation for the cats moving back from their temporary accommodation in the dog kennels, we are doing some work to make sure that everything is secure.  The next stage of the refurbishment will be to retile the floor of the garden pens.  These are currently uneven and dirty concrete, which is difficult to clean and unhygienic.  We will also be installing some second hand kitchen cupboards and worktops that we have been kindly offered to make cleaning and food preparation easier for the volunteers.


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