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This week we are very excited to announce our collaboration with Emma at The Good Gift Shop … over the past months we have been busy designing an awesome range of APROP themed merchandise for YOU!

We chose to feature Timbre (who as it happens, is still looking for his forever home!) as our Podenco ambassador. Raising awareness of the plight of the Podenco and to highlight what amazing pets they can make. He just happened to be a bit of a handsome poster-dog too. We also wanted to raise awareness of how many black cats find themselves in rescue centres in Spain …. a black cat is considered unlucky here in Spain, so it is much harder for us to find them homes. We chose the beautiful Kitten, Amelie who was left at the shelter last year in a box.

If you look closely at the range, you will see a few of our other residents getting in on the act too!

So, what are you waiting for, go and look at the full range of items available here…. and get your orders in. Every purchase will provide a generous donation to care for all of our residents at APROP.


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Ruth Martin

Je suis bénévole à l'APROP depuis avril 2018. Vous m'y trouverez normalement le mardi matin, aidant à soigner, nettoyer et nourrir les chiens. En 2019, j'ai adopté Barney, un Podenco d'APROP. En fait, j'ai pris un goût prononcé pour les Podencos et certains m'appellent la Pod-Mère ! Je fais également partie de l'équipe d'adoption, de l'équipe de collecte de fonds et j'aide également en adoptant des chiens. Aider les animaux m'apporte beaucoup de joie et de bonheur dans ma vie.