Parrainez un chien aujourd'hui !

Merci de me partager :

Nous vous sommes reconnaissants d'être ici et de découvrir comment vous pouvez améliorer la vie d'un animal APROP grâce à notre programme de parrainage.

The luckier animals that come to APROP find forever homes within a few weeks or months of entering.  There are however, many dogs that through no fault of their own become long-term residents, either at the shelter or in loving foster homes.  These are typically older animals, those with health issues or sometimes behavioural issues that mean it is unlikely they will be adopted.  

The average costs for us to keep a dog in its first year is €655.  For our dogs available for sponsorship, we continue to cover the costs for them on an indefinite basis.  That is where your gift of sponsorship comes in to help us help them!

Nous sommes heureux d'offrir trois options de parrainage différentes pour nos précieux animaux, afin que vous puissiez choisir celle qui vous convient le mieux.


This entry level option will cover some of the basic food costs for the dog you choose to support. It might be our basic level, but your support will make a big difference to us!


This mid- level option will cover most of the food costs for the dog you choose to support. It will also cover the parasite treatment we give to all our residents. What a great gift to help cover all the basic needs of an animal.


This deluxe option will cover all of the food costs for the dog you choose to support. It will also cover the annual parasite treatment we give to all our residents. In addition it will considerably help towards paying any medical costs our animals with health issues have.  This is a very generous donation to any animal in our care.

En tant que parrain you will receive a beautiful certificate with a photo of your chosen animal, which you can proudly display! You will also receive a regular update on how your sponsored animal is getting on … because they will be so grateful for your help!

Now all you need to do is choose a dog to sponsor! See below which of our precious dogs are currently available to be sponsored.

Remarque : lorsque vous choisissez de parrainer, si vous êtes déjà un membre enregistré sur ce site Web, vous devez vous connecter et vous serez dirigé directement vers une page de paiement.

Si vous n'êtes pas déjà inscrit en tant que membre sur ce site Web, lorsque vous cliquez sur « s'inscrire » pour parrainer, vous serez dirigé vers le formulaire d'inscription des membres et devez d'abord vous enregistrer avant de pouvoir parrainer.