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      Christina René

      AKIRA (Shelter located in the municipality of Benissa) has negotiated a Group PPP Licence. When AKIRA has care of a PP breed dog, and it is chipped to AKIRA, then we are obliged to register the dog with Benissa Town Hall with AKIRA as the owner. OK that’s the first step. Dog’s chip linked to AKIRA’s CIF.

      So when staff and experienced volunteers need to handle the PP dogs in our care, there is a problem. Normally you apply for a PP licence when you as an individual own one or more PP dogs. It costs around 100€ per person, plus another 100€ to add 3rd party liability to your own insurance. How can we make it legal for several AKIRA staff and volunteers to be licensed to manage the PP dogs that enter and leave AKIRA?

      So Benissa Town Hall arranged for a Group PP Licence that authorises named individuals, e.g. staff and experienced volunteers. Each individual has to qualify for a PP licence i.e. pass medical and psychological tests at a local test centre, and provide copies of all the documents. Benissa town hall subsidised the medical fees by 50%. The Group application had to be submitted using AKIRA’s digital certificate, and there was no fee for the application.

      This authorises the registered individuals to represent AKIRA when they handle the dogs in public, and gives them insurance cover under AKIRA’s policy.

      I recommend Candida Bourne for insurance advice – she is an independent broker (not an agent), well-versed in the issues with animal care, and very thorough.

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