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The new roof is finished, the pens have been secured and everything has been jet washed and cleaned. it is eerily quiet…but not for long as the cats will be moving from their temporary accommodation in the dog area back into their refurbished cat shelter on Saturday.

Words are not enough to thank everyone who has helped in the refurbishment so far, particular Sandra Cardona Escobar, who offered her time, experience and effort freely and without whom none of this would have happened.

There is still a lot we want to do, such as tiling the floors of the corridors and gardens, building climbing and activity frames for the cats, refitting the kitchen and kitting out the new cleaning and feeding areas. This can all be done as we go along. The important thing is to get the cats back into a safe environment that will be better for them than their temporary accommodation.

The fundraiser for the roof is still open as we have not yet achieved our target to cover the costs of the refurbishment, so if you would like to donate you can do that here https://www.facebook.com/protectorapego/posts/1484179621971216


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