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We could not operate the shelter without your support, all donations we received with such gratitude. On Wednesday this week we collected donations from Aldi, we filled up four cars!!!!

In addition, this week we had a super-donation of Martingale collars for our great family of Podencos and many coats of different models, sizes and colours which arrived from Holland !!! How handsome and pretty are our APROP Podencos going to be 🥰😍❤️

We cannot be more grateful for so many things for our shelter dogs !!!
Thank you for your unconditional support! 💙

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Ruth Martin

I have been volunteering at APROP since April 2018. You will normally find me there on Tuesday mornings, helping to care for, clean and feed the dogs. In 2019 I adopted Barney, a Podenco from APROP. In fact I have taken a distinct liking to the Podencos and some call me the Pod-Mother! I am also part of the adoptions team the fundraising team and I help by fostering dogs too. Helping animals brings me much joy and happiness into my life.