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We like stories that end with “…and they lived happily ever after”. Here are a few examples of those stories from Aprop.

2021 bei Katzenadoptionen!

written by Sam who heads up our Cat adoption team! It was a very good year for cat adoptions. Out ...

Nachholbedarf bei den Babys des letzten Jahres

Look at how some of last year's kittens have grown. Aren't they all gorgeous? ...

Meg & Salvadors Liebesbeziehung beginnt

Meg was at APROP for two years until she met Salvador...it was love at first sight. ...

Drei Langzeitbewohner adoptiert

We love it when any cat gets adopted, but we are especially happy when a longer term resident finds a new home ...

Auch mürrische Katzen finden ein Zuhause

Martina was found living in an abandoned house and we quickly discovered that she was a “bit of a character”.   ...

Nelo: FIV+ Katzen verdienen ein liebevolles Zuhause

Beautiful Nelo was abandoned in Pego and when tested, was positive for FIV.  Previously it was thought that FIV cats ...

Nina: Von der Pflegestelle zum Für-immer-Zuhause

Nina was brought to APROP by her owner for her protection, because Nina’s two siblings had been killed by local ...