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The roof of the cat shelter has been in a terrible state for quite a few years.  And the garden pens where most of the adult cats live did not have a roof over most of it at all.  As a result, in the summer we had to put palm branches over the gardens to try to give some shade and shelter, and in the rains everything and everyone got cold and soaking wet, including our supplies of food, litter and bedding.

It seemed an almost impossible task to find a way to do the work in an affordable way.  But our prayers were answered when a local family offered to get the job done and source the materials cost effectively.  As a result we were able to start on the renovation before Christmas.

The cost for the work is estimated at €6000 which we are still trying to raise.

We want to thank everyone who has donated so far.  As a result we have collected a total of €3500, which is amazing, but we still have a little way to go to reach our target.


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