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Now that we finally have a roof over the cat shelter and a waterproof storeroom we can start to think about other improvements. These plans include tiling the floor of the garden pens which are currently rough concrete that is almost impossible to clean, which makes is very unhygienic, making a separate clean area for the litter trays, a new food preparation area and replacing the kitchen cupboard, which is rotten and falling to pieces.

The other important consideration is the safety of our feral cat colony that live in front of the cat shelter. This is challenge for the dog walkers who have to take the dogs out of the main gate past the colony. Sadly, we have had a couple of unfortunate incidents in the past where dogs have got over-excited and escaped and injured cats. A wooden fence and gate in front of the cat shelter will give both the cats and the dogs some protection from each other.

We will be looking for donations of materials such as floor file, kitchen cupboards and fencing so that we can make these improvements.


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