APROP Association Secretary

Due to personal circumstances and conflicts on her time, our Association Secretary has decided that she cannot continue in this role.  We are therefore looking for somebody to take over.

The Secretary is a management role and whoever takes on this role will have to be elected to the management team by the Association members in September. However, we are looking for somebody to take on this function on an interim basis immediately. All of the management roles at APROP are voluntary and unpaid.

Ideally you will be organised and methodical, with great attention to detail and excellent minute writing skills, plus a willingness to search through complicated legal documents and cope with Spanish bureaucracy when required. A bonus would be if you understand Spanish and Valenciano as well as English, but there is flexibility on this. Previous experience in a similar role would be useful but not essential.

The Secretary has the following responsibilities:

Collate and issue all formal Association documents, as required by Royal Edict and/or according to Association rules.

Ensure all necessary certifications are prepared, reviewed, finalised and submitted to all appropriate bodies (internal or external) according to the required timescales.

Collate and manage all legal and contractual documents, ensuring compliance with all internal and external requirements.

Collate and maintain an up-to-date record of all current and past Members of the Association. Work with the Treasurer to ensure all financial records relating to the Members are correct and complete.

Maintain a view of current and changing legal requirements to ensure that the Association is aware of and complies with national, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

Receive and action all Data Protection and GDPR requests for the Association.

Work with the Treasurer and President to identify and apply for grants for which the Association may qualify.

On request by the President or the General Assembly, arrange and convene the Annual General Meeting.  

Write and sign the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and maintain a Minute record book.

On request by the President or as required by the pre-agreed schedule, arrange and convene the Board of Director (Junta) meetings.  

Write and sign the minutes of the Board of Directors (Junta) and maintain a Minute record book.

If you would like to apply for or discuss this role please contact me directly: Christine Thorpe Tel/Whatsapp 602242031

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