💕Will wants to tell everyone that he is the cat of the month for February❣️.
Very appropriate as it’s the month of love and Will has tons of it to give.😻
Since he came to Aprop, he’s a completely different boy. At first we thought he didn’t like other cats, but can you be wrong? He loves his little gang in the garden pen, enjoys a cuddle with a treat and, although he is not a lap cat, he likes to lie down next to people so they can reach him easily. He tends to have a very “zen” attitude and would be happy anywhere as long as there are people to love him and somewhere sunny to snuggle in. At 18 months old, Will is neutered and has all his vaccinations up to date. His suitcase is also ready for his forever family. 😽

– adopt!
– don’t buy!
RESCUE is the best breed❣️

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